10 Years (Mature Explicit) Wattys 2017

10 Years (Mature Explicit) Wattys 2017

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Mariah Sinclair By MariahSinclair101 Completed

After 10 years of not seeing him, Katarina still adored Dominic Bianchi her brother's best friend, even though Dominic only saw her as a little girl, a sister that was nothing more than family without blood ties. When Dom finally does return home will he be able to resist a now full grown ferocious Kat or will his past and her present destroy any chances they ever stood of being together?

With sex, lies, and secrets is it possible this couple never really stood a chance in the first place?

Currently editing so if a chapter doesn't make sense then that's probably why.  July 27,2017

If you are easily offended or don't feel comfortable with extreme sexual situations no hold bars, this story is not for you.
This story contains lots of sexually explicit scenes throughout, conflict, love, hate, and love again with a lot of unpredictable twists and turns and does not fall under the regular cliched romances. You will not find a billionaire, you will not find a virgin.


Dom didn't hesitate after that, working himself in me with care. He reached below my legs lifting them both up and throwing them onto his shoulders. Once my legs bent falling over his back he began thrusting with dominance, losing all patients replaced with need and desire taking control. His arms were curved around my legs, his fingers tightly embedded into my thighs pulling himself in further with every harsh thrust that followed.

I was intoxicated from his c*ck, tantalizing sensations swarmed inside my body coursing through me. He hammered with vengeance as I repeatedly screamed his name in joy. He was moving so fast and hard I had to throw my hands up against the headboard to avoid my head from slamming into it.

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I would get up grab a shovel walk to the backyard and start digging my own grave cause there's no coming back from that. 😨
Oh hell no. Never ever ever would I want that to happen to me!!! 
                              The getting caught by my brother part just to be clear. Ewww
Okaaay.......he just plays along... ..cool.... Throws dirt back in hole.... apparently I won't need to bury myself today.
"Well, it was fun god, you played your games now can you end my misery, please?" would be my mental response
torinicola torinicola Oct 02
My sister’s name is Katarina so I am cringing so hard 😩