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-*-Anything-*- Sonic Individual RP

-*-Anything-*- Sonic Individual RP

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「Blue Blur」 By Run_Sonic Updated Dec 27, 2016

Along with the details, just go RPing here with your fav individual sonic characters! There might be romance rps and also adventure rps, any other genres too! One thing: Enjoy!~

- - Aug 16, 2016
                              She cat leaped outta the way 
RekkaNoKen RekkaNoKen Dec 03, 2016
Name: Scarlet
                              Species: Hedgehog
                              Age: 16
                              Looks: A red hedgehog.with a white shirt,  a red jacket,  a blue jean and black combat boots. 
                              Eyes: Dark Brown
                              Likes: Apples,  her friends. 
                              Dislikes: Eggman,  Scourge,  water
                              Gender: Female
                              Powers: Pyrokinesis
(A):"Dude!seriously!watch where your going!"Light yells at the blue hedgehog
B pls
                              "Yo you ok?" Scorcher asked as she used her magic to grab him from the tree.  She offered him her hand.
Miss_Darky Miss_Darky Dec 24, 2016
                              Dodges and Lands on knees "What The?!" She yelled looking at the Blue Hedgehog
Graciethehedgehog Graciethehedgehog Dec 03, 2016
                              Mint green fur. Headband, dress, and boots.
                              Caring and sweet. Barely mean.
                              Basketball and singing and dancing.
                              Bullies and perverts
                              Sonikku-Hedgie_Loved!  Deal with it!