She Resides In Me -love Shines

She Resides In Me -love Shines

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Kajal By angelove2 Updated 7 days ago

#6 in short story 

On a very heavy demand...The story is back .. this time.. Love shines! ..
Gear up to witness an unconditional love Is always about giving not hurts a lot..but still it gives you a feeling to die for..

"Manik! It's been one are still standing there..".. dhruv said to him ..while manik was standing in front of her picture..

"Wrong! It's not one's 365 days.. 3 months.. 12 hours.. 33 minutes..46 seconds..".. manik said in his deep painful voice while dhruv listened him calmly..

"Manik..she forgot you".. he told the bitter reality..a lone tear escaped from Manik's eyes..but a smile playing on his lips..

"She forgot me.. it's a blessing for her..but it's a curse for me..".. he said holding grief in his voice while Dhruv was speechless..

"But..she resides in me..and will always be.."..manik answered while his eyes were full of tears..but still smile playing on his lips..

An incomplete story ..of complete love.. will complete this time?

I'm not able to find your
                              your first book can u tell it's name
I  m  very  very  happy 2 no   that   u   r  writing  the  sequel . I was waiting eagerly since  u  end the 1st part .
Variyala Variyala Aug 23
Superbbbbb..... Intro abt love was amazing... Which was really missing in now a days youth... Loved it a lot
bkrish bkrish Aug 23
Waiting for update and take your time but make them fall each other one more time...
Ohh wow m so excited this story is really close to my heart... thank u so much for starting it again... waiting eagerly....
Finally! Finally! Finally! *tears of joy* Dii.. You finally are writing the sequel.. thank you so much for it! 😘 And i loved the line "Love Shines".. i can't wait to see love shining.. Please update it soon.😘😘 Loads of love to you.