Slapping The Mafia Boss

Slapping The Mafia Boss

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♡Name.Of.Love♡ By AyeeItzAlex Updated Nov 25

"You are coming with me." He states sternly.

"I'm not going anywhere until my parents come back." I spit back.

He tries to grab me but I back away and slap him.

That's when all h*ll broke loose!

"Do you know who you just slapped!?!" He yells coming dangerously close to me.

I back away and shrug.
"Should I care?" 
He just laughs and grab my arm so that we would be chest to chest.
"You just slapped a Mafia boss."

WARNING: This book MAY be messed up but I'm trying it out!

Eh did you not just punch her, wtf is going on crazy bast*rd 🔫
KayKay5957 KayKay5957 Sep 27
Smh did you not just punch the snot outta her .... Then say you love her.... The door 👉🏽🚪 sir
She's damn pretty damn feisty and she's just put herself in an early grave
littlen23 littlen23 Sep 02
if my little sister say that to me I would beat her ass then make her starve since she wants to starve herself
My little sister makes snotty comments and I'm just like 🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😑😑😑
That was fast, as fast as a teenage chick when starbucks opens