Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed}

Slapping The Mafia Boss {completed}

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#Brace-Face|√ By xzadeas Completed

"You are coming with me." He states sternly.

"I'm not going anywhere until my parents come back." I spit back.

He tries to grab me but I back away and slap him.

That's when all h*ll broke loose!

"Do you know who you just slapped!?!" He yells coming dangerously close to me.

I back away and shrug.
"Should I care?" 
He just laughs and grab my arm so that we would be chest to chest.
"You just slapped a Mafia boss."

WARNING: This book MAY be messed up but I'm trying it out!


If my sister talked to me like that then she would have gotten the whooping of a lifetime. She wanna act like a bitch, then she's ganna get treated like one.
So? You ain't killed me yet, so obviously you weak. What kinda mafia boss are you, weak af and telling people what you are. You stupid.
you gonna act like a bitch? Here gets these kibbles and bits then!
Bitch. Be nice to the damn man and maybe you wouldnt have been in trouble. Smfh poor guy.
Uhmmmm.... ive got no problem with her it's just that she looks too young.
ALibBooks ALibBooks Jul 21
I would have said 
                              "Oh, you're starving yourself? Okay, that makes it okay for me too starve you too!"