"Anxiety" | Namjin

"Anxiety" | Namjin

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Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression.

"Please, get away from a person like me" said Jin.

"No." Said Namjoon hugging the boy.

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waffallama1007 waffallama1007 a day ago
Its worse when u actually listen to others and starve urself until u have to tube fed😖 trust me... I am still going through it
Zee666774 Zee666774 Dec 08
                              What other people think is the reason I don't socialize at all
                              Why I actually don't socialize
                              I F *C K I N G H A T E H U M A N S
                              ..And I can't see the need to socialize when u can sleep and read fanfic and what's videos.
                              A.k.a i can't be bothered to talk to anyone
KenviTrash KenviTrash Nov 30
being bullied is the worst, i remember when i was being bullied and i couldn't make friends, my mom had to come to school and ask kids to play with me, which made it worse
JinsAegyo JinsAegyo Oct 04
The two things mentioned in the title are the best description I've ever seen if myself--
it breaks my heart to see how many people can relate to this
Ha funny how my mom doesn’t understand this and still forces me out Into the public 🤷🏼‍♂️