A rejected Mate

A rejected Mate

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doves_love By doves_love Updated Jan 30, 2014

"You're such a slut! I am NOT your MATE! I Logan Edward reject Angel Smith as my mate." my mate said and walked away with my sister without a second glance at me.
Angel Smith. A girl who always had a positive side to everything, who always thought there was a reason for everything. That's why everyone loved her, her parents bragged about her, she was the envy of her sister, almost every boy in school; had asked her out. But one boy, Logan Edward the soon to be alpha of the forest pack, had no interest in her and was only in for her slutty sister Megan. 

Angel runs away hoping she would forget about Logan, and surprisingly, she does. She meets five lovable boys who treat her like their sister, but she falls for one, Chase star , the soon to be alpha of the moonlight pack. They both like each other and decide to try out their relationship.

But what happens when the moonlight pack and forest pack are forced to unite as one to fight off the rouges?

Elyna_AP Elyna_AP Feb 17
Swifties on the rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
Harry styles and Taylor swift .....oh no not another break up song
I would like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of 😂😂 tbh I love her though
Haters gonna hate but if he wasn't gay I would be all over him.
bellapanda3536 bellapanda3536 Jun 26, 2015
Does any one else think it's ironic that his name is Harry and he is being played by Harry styles  I make myself laugh
Yeet_Nation Yeet_Nation May 24, 2015
Ha twilight. Charlie as in Bella's dad and Taylor plays Jacob a WEREWOLF alright I'm shutting up now