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The Winterstone Bridge  |✔️

The Winterstone Bridge |✔️

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L U C I A N A By ClemLucian Completed

" this story brings  in  the words unique , and  beautiful . It meshes them together into am entirely breathtaking world. " @eadenwrites

" I don't always like poetry, but this is moving in its succinctness." @KayeSwiss

"Excellent" " wow just wonderful" @cooldude1984

"This is so rightly said..." @Nouvelle Thalia.


The bridge was just a bridge 
It was just existing  ,
It wasn't his fault if,  
People thought it will be good to kill,  
Themselves right bellow it. 

The bridge stared at the dead bodies,  
Until someone discover them,  
Cries,  screams, 
But its so quiet. 


Posted for the first time: 10/06/2016

I the birthday wish.  [ completed 10/06/2016] 
II behind the screen [ completed 10/11/2016 ]
III the last call [ completed 10/11/2016 ] 
IV The return [ completed 10/11/2016] 

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|| inspired by the song 'me ' by the 1975 , check the song when you read ||

AuroaLights AuroaLights Mar 13
Don't blame the bridge, blame the troll that lives beneath it😑
KayeSwiss KayeSwiss Nov 20, 2016
I don't always like poetry, but this is moving in its succinctness. The personification of the bridge is an interesting way to evoke emotion, as if he is trying to convince himself that he has no guilt in the suicides.
KayeSwiss KayeSwiss Nov 20, 2016
This is an interesting way to start. Clearly the girl has emotions, but it is yet unclear as to whether she is an optimist, trying to spread joy with her random texts or if she is lonely and this is her way of trying to reach out to someone new.
- - Oct 09, 2016
i already love this story
                              i'm so sad that i can't vote :'( 
                              love it, anywaaaay