Love hurts...

Love hurts...

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~Venom~ By Venomthecat Completed

Mark has adapted feeling for jack. When he finds out he finds a girlfriend as he was about to tell jack how he feels he brakes........... 

After a few weeks with jacks new girlfriend, jack finds out marks depression. He wants to help but he is in Ireland. He gets a idea and goes to L.A. 
When Jacl finds out what mark is doing he must help him get through his dark times. 

(Warning: contains blood, depression, sadness, madness, and maybe smut)

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PinkyCThementalkid PinkyCThementalkid Nov 11, 2017
you have a great concept going with a little help editing I think this would be perfect :) good job keep up the good work
LGBTholocloud LGBTholocloud Dec 29, 2017
Ok I have my popcorn, blanket, stuffie, and knife (just in case >:D)
lilcupie lilcupie Jun 12, 2017
OMG I'm drawing and wasn't really paying attention to the story but when I looked up the first thing i saw was 'god dammit Wade!' lol
Yendure_Chan Yendure_Chan Dec 07, 2017
So, I am watching prop hunt and reading this, as I read "god dammit wade!" mark says in the video I'm watching "God dammit Wade!"
leapaws leapaws May 31, 2017
How i song it:
                              ITS GOIN' DOWN!!!
                              IM YELLIN' TIMBERRR!!!!
                              YOU BETTER MOVE!!
                              CUZ IM GONNA DANCE!!!
ptc_studios ptc_studios May 25, 2017
XD Immediately after reading that, I opened Spotify and played that song on max volume.