The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory

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Naya By nayababe Updated Aug 18

Quinten Knoxx has been single for the better part of his adult years. That meant countless years alone to fantasize about what having love would be like.

For a while he accepted his loveless fate, but he makes an executive decision that a man had needs that deserved being fulfilled.

What he needed most was sex. Hot, steamy, dirty sex... the kind he watched in pornography.

He joins The Sugar Factory and is set up with Brielle Kelly, a vivacious single mother. She's willing to give him what he wants if she gets what she needs too with no strings attached.

Quinten thought he knew how to keep his emotions and insecurities in check, but he falls for Brielle quickly and she threatens to bring parts of him out he hates about himself. 

When she shows no real signs of loving him back, he is forced to face the reason he is fourty-one sleeping with a woman who cares nothing for him.

He couldn't pinpoint another characteristic of hers to show he knew who she was talking about ? 🙄
mrsbehayvin mrsbehayvin Jul 16
Exclusive??  Really Quinten....when was that agreed upon. That talk must have been with the dude in Q's head.
honey_cokee honey_cokee Jun 28
The book seems like is going to be good,  update soon please
Some friend. I would have punch him in the throat and cuzzed him out.
Girl Q done lost his mind. Or did he already lose it and is now trying to find it. Bri better watch out cuzz i dont trust him!
deeAHNdruh deeAHNdruh Aug 24
I know I shouldn't laugh but the name Poindexter is hilarious 💀