Hudson's Heart - Erotic Cowboy Romance #Wattys2017

Hudson's Heart - Erotic Cowboy Romance #Wattys2017

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Georgina Harris is fed up.

She is bored with her job, and her social life; disillusioned with her life in general.
On a particularly bad day, she quits her job and impulsively books a ranch holiday to Montana. 

Unsettled by her life, she is moved by the beauty of the Montana ranch, Prairie Point.

With a new sense of belonging that she has never known before; she meets a mysterious, intensely charismatic cowboy, Dade Hudson. A cowboy who helps her discover the inner peace she has been longing for. A cowboy, who it seems, is fated to take her on the ride of her life... destination, Hudson's Heart.                                                                                                                                                  ***DOES CONTAIN SWEAR WORDS***

aditiratnam aditiratnam Mar 17
Twenty two? What she dated Gavin like at d age of relationship last if u start it at 14, gurl!😒😆
AmandaEaves AmandaEaves Mar 10
He doesn't have to be able to read your mind to know exactly what he is doing to you darlin😉
Zachary333 Zachary333 Mar 09
This chapter was told in a way that I couldn't explain if I tried. Beautifully, but with a desire of yearning for someone you've just met. The way you described Georgie's reaction when she first saw him is, absolutely breathtaking. Georgie's got the desire for him. I JUST LOVE THIS....
densky04 densky04 Aug 04
Yes i m enjoying your many words looking for more in the next chapters...
So pretty 😍😍. Stayed in Montana when I went to Yellowstone national park
elnorap elnorap Apr 20
I am really liking this book also.  Very excited to read further.