Amnesia [ A Sonamy AU ]

Amnesia [ A Sonamy AU ]

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I'm Amy Rose, a girl ignored by my only love.....Sonic The Hedgehog. It's been 7 years since, my love then decided to date my best friend, Sally Acorn. Instead of me. I felt helpless and unloved by 7 years, no one to love me, no one to be with me. 

I then decided to move on, but my day was turned around by a sudden accident. That led me to never remember anything.

"SNEAK PEEK" of Sonamy//Amnesia//Fanfic. 
I'm Kyra Anne, and if you wish to discover more stories. Please click my profile and follow me in this app.

Thank You.❤️


[{ STORY COMPLETED}] Credits to @GwendelineDV12, for making the new book cover. Ty.♡

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ItzDarkky ItzDarkky Nov 22, 2017
Geez, Amy. Stop being all negative. I know you're depressed, but dang.
GwendelineDV12 GwendelineDV12 Apr 04, 2017
btw who lets a Princess go out on a date with no body guards.... wait is sonic the bodyguard?
ItzDarkky ItzDarkky Nov 22, 2017
Seven years is a very long time for dating. You'd figure they'd be something by that time.
- - Oct 24, 2017
*puts my hands together* Don’t tell me Sonic is just dating Sally because she’s a frickin princess
Eclipsa_Is_Here Eclipsa_Is_Here Apr 04, 2017
Supposedly. I mean he's the Hero of Mobius. You don't need any gaurds. xD
MsUltimateCringe MsUltimateCringe Nov 04, 2017
I'll do it! I will run like sanic straight there and comfort you. I am nominating myself