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Eclipsa♧ By KyraAnneEDigal Completed

I'm Amy Rose, a girl ignored by my only love.....Sonic The Hedgehog. It's been 7 years since, my love then decided to date with my best friend,Sally Acorn. Instead of me. I felt helpless and unloved by 7 years, no one to love me, no one to be with me. 

I then decided to move on, but my day was turned around by a sudden accident. That led me to never remember anything.

"SNEAK PEEK" of Sonamy//Amnesia//Fanfic. 
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btw who lets a Princess go out on a date with no body guards.... wait is sonic the bodyguard?
That's why I don't want to be a doctor but the income is very good
wait.... its said she's in a coma?
                              and she not gonna wake up, she'll be announced dead?!
                              So You almost mercy killed her or tried to kill her even if she was still sleeping.... full and healthy.... so CONFUSE
Supposedly. I mean he's the Hero of Mobius. You don't need any gaurds. xD
Isnt missiles are explosive? Why isnt she ..... Puff! (exploded or lost an arm or even bleeding hard.....)
                              *Sorry about this*
Ilovewattapp Ilovewattapp Jun 19, 2016
Is Amnesia a problem that you could have memory lost? Yes or No.