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Pen Your Pride


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Jasmine By ToldByLadyBourgeois Updated Feb 25

The Raiven's Story

In the land of Pangea, a far away region full of mystical beasts and forests that expand all across the land, are the shifters, groups of supernatural human hybrids whom are able to transform into any animal they choose, however, the wolf packs are the most common and strongest residents. 

They are divided into three branching households, the Raivens, the Benzis, and the Lowells. Each follow the rules and guidance of Artemis, the deity they worship which states that all shifters are forbidden to mate any others outside of their own packs, in a effort to avoid conflict and war between the households. 

But now, there is a Omega who was claimed by an Alpha of another pack... 
A rogue one at that, shifters who don't follow the rules. 

It was unheard of and completely forbidden by the laws of Artemis. A dangerous concept, blasphemy. 

Especially when you are to be mated to your own packs Alpha by promise of past Elders. 

But a once in a lifetime occurrence happened and now life as the residents of the great island of Pangea know it , is changing right before their very eyes. 


The Wolves of Raiven are the notorious head pack of a wide reaching household of shifters. The Alpha Simon Marx was revered as the wolf that brought prosperity to the Raiven name under the guide of his mother and grandmother, becoming vicious in his ways albeit efficient and victorious. 

Eden was a regular wolf shifter whom had been promised by her father, an old Alpha of the Raiven wolves to Marx, the current Alpha, at least that's what she believed her whole life but her world came crashing down when she crossed paths with two vagabond Alphas, one of which was to be her true mate. 

Suddenly, the wolves of Raiven secrets are coming to light and Eden learns the truth of who she really is and who she can become. Love finds itself in a strange places as she finds the one she was always meant to be with.

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Literary_Spirit Literary_Spirit Jul 06, 2016
It has been so long since I have read a werewolf fic, and after reading this I don't know why I stop reading them. This is good. You have to keep going.
Its_Imvni Its_Imvni Jul 06, 2016
It's called Laurent-itis😂😂 
                              Warning: Highly contagious 
                              Symptoms: Ruined panties, Snatched edges, and uncontrollable sexual urges.
                              Once you get it, you can't get rid of it. And in most cases you don't want to get rid of it.😏😏
August_Imani August_Imani Jul 06, 2016
This reminds me of when my mom put me and my brothers on a hunger strike because we wouldn't was the dishes😒😂
Literary_Spirit Literary_Spirit Jul 08, 2016
Somebody needs to slap him on the nose with a newspaper! That's no way to treat an alpha female!
_Lunar_Pimpcess_ _Lunar_Pimpcess_ Jul 06, 2016
Now listen, I'm fine with Minx being the alpha but he's outnumbered. 😒 dude needs to run
_Lunar_Pimpcess_ _Lunar_Pimpcess_ Jul 06, 2016
YOU'RE DYING! OH NOOO! But aye Larry, after this funeral you tryna get some fro-yo