The Best Friend Project

The Best Friend Project

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EXO By julylovve Updated Nov 22, 2017

'Psss... Hey you! Pigtails!' 

I turn around and see a boy from my high school his name is Ten.

'M-Me?' I stutter as I point at myself

'Nooo the fucking flag pole... Yes you!' 

I slowly start walking to him, a little scared might I add.

'Y-yes?' I ask while my mouth was covered by a scarf. He then placed his hands on my shoulders and gives me a creepy smile.

'You're the one!' He hugs me

'One for... what?' 

He backs away from me
'My best friend project!'

Seola is a quiet girl who doesn't really talk to people. Well that was until a guy from her class Ten comes up to her and asks her to join his best friend project. This project is a bit more challenging then school projects since this one allows her to interact with others. Will she be too shy? Will something more happen in this friendship?

Read more to find out.

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Amari1020 Amari1020 May 26, 2017
Sorry but I definitely don't want friends even if their fake; they're the worst kind.😝😝😝😣😐😐😐
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Aug 28, 2017
First chapter and this boy is already giving me heart problems
Amari1020 Amari1020 May 26, 2017
Sorry but this book makes absolutely no since so far. You seemed rushed to get to the point and didn't take your time to explain much. I know what your trying to say but the fake friends thing really throw me over the cliff. Should I continue this book or nah?🤔