⌊ Boku no Hero Academia  X Reader ⌉

⌊ Boku no Hero Academia X Reader ⌉

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HIATUS By kookiesnocreame Updated Jun 30, 2016

" Never forget who you want to become. "
"Let's become heroes together, " (y/n) said with glee.
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[Contains swearing]

CringeCallis CringeCallis Dec 31, 2016
Yes, a reverse harem is correct.  A regular harem is with 1 guy and multiple love interests while a reverse harem is with 1 girl and multiple love interests.
Dez_McCookie Dez_McCookie Aug 11, 2016
I CAME IN LIKE AN ALL MIGHT (pronounce it the way Deku does in the anime)
SweetMomoAndDani SweetMomoAndDani Oct 02, 2016
Welp Miley Cyrus needs a new wrecking ball...
                              Who vulnteers as Tribute????