Three Cheers for Sweethearts [Frerard AU]

Three Cheers for Sweethearts [Frerard AU]

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Cassidy By acting_is_mylife Completed

Based on the I'm Not Okay (I Promise) music video by My Chemical Romance. 

**Triggers: abuse, suicide, mild bullying // plenty of warning given beforehand**

78, 829 words | 192 pages | 48 chapters | 4 parts

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Public: Hair and Piercings can be all over the place
                              Private: Expelled after second ear piercing
Aw darn
                              Well i need my daily dose of emo smut so after this i'll just reread Theater 12 then XD
Lasitytto Lasitytto Oct 20
I live in a country where private schools aren't really a thing😂😂😂 also we have no dress code
-NaomiKane- -NaomiKane- Oct 16
I read “milk bullying” instead of mild and I was confused
Me externally: oh that's great that you are breaking the norms!
                              Me internally: I. NEED. SMUT.
ilovesea04 ilovesea04 Aug 17
Well I know for fact that we have some very different rules to public schools like hair and peircings (in Australia at least) we also have different types of facilities and if it's a religious school we will have prayer and whatnot but public schools aren't normally religious