Just A Little Different

Just A Little Different

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Daddy🦂🤷🏼‍♀️ By emmsandy Completed

the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

- Emmsandy ©

Scott Hoying was born with the ability of telepathy. He knew if news for our people he told would get hurt. So he didn't. Until one day, Mitch Grassi, a typical one night stand comes into his life. Will Scott tell Mitch or die protecting him?

I_probably_ship_it__ I_probably_ship_it__ Jul 03, 2016
Yeah yeah cause I may be bad but im, perfectly good at it. sex in the air I love I love the Smell of it
Ry_Lynn Ry_Lynn Dec 28, 2016
my mother wouldn't let me paint my room black, so I pushed my extra long bangs aside, checked my smudged eyeliner, and screamed IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM
Exberrr Exberrr Oct 10, 2016
This is the 2nd chapter and we're already rolling into smut. I love this book already
I_probably_ship_it__ I_probably_ship_it__ Jul 03, 2016
You don't even know of Scott is gay or not, I mean WE know he is but still
Zikkku Zikkku Jan 25
I'm already concerned about my smut level so why the hell not 😂 sounds like a great book
Rozeinthewild Rozeinthewild Jul 11, 2016
Random- I know telepathy isn't real, but it's always thought as something that evolves focus to hear someone else's thoughts, but what if it's more like something you have to focus on to not hear?