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A.W. By AWBengtsson Updated Feb 11

"The dark, ruffled hair on his scalp moved slightly with the winter wind. There was an incredible aura of power around him, a feeling of cold authority that made me want to back off. His face was the color of alabaster, paler than even my cream colored complexion. The highlighting color made his cheekbones stand out starkly against the shadowed hollows beneath them, created by the darkness. It illuminated a sharp jaw as well, looking taut enough to have been carved out of stone. Black eyes contrasted sharply against his skin as they regarded the men around me.

It wasn't necessarily his posture or beauty that struck me the most, but the expression on his face. It was void of all emotion, too icy to pass for bored. It frightened me more than anything else about him.

A sharp gasp echoed in the stillness and it wasn't until the man holding me harshly forced my head downwards again, that I realized it was mine. There was a moment of compact silence."


candlesundermoonlite candlesundermoonlite Jun 17, 2016
I love your style of writing. So many details.. I love it! Please update?
foreverlostsoul7 foreverlostsoul7 Jun 25, 2016
This chapter was very well written and you keep very close attention to the plot. I am loving it. Please continue.
foreverlostsoul7 foreverlostsoul7 Jun 18, 2016
I love your writing, it's so detailed and descriptive. Please update soon.
PandaHasAShotgun PandaHasAShotgun Jul 14, 2016
I found this on Fanfiction but was never able to read it, so I'm so glad that you've started posting it here! I look forward to reading more of it as you update :)