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"When I was left at Miss Rodrick's Boarding School for the Talented Young, with nothing but seven summers of life and a halo of raven curls, the sunshine haired Lena Winther was the first to smile and take my hand. And she never let go. 
Not when the monsters, that had crawled out from sewers and castles and dark alleys to roam the planet, wrecked governments all over the world and took their seats for themselves. Not when Miss Rodrick turned out to be Miss Samson, a woman who dealt in the smuggling of young girls rather than protecting them from being kidnapped from their beds at night."

The immortals' reign has lasted over a decade, leaving the world in shambles and humankind enslaved. Aurelia McGregor - rebel daughter and fierce advocate for the vampires' imminent demise - has spent the majority of her life stowed away at the boarding school of a money-crazed child smuggler. After spending ten years mourning the loss of her best friend, she finds herself facing the same unfair destiny: standing in a ballroom of immortals, being auctioned off as a blood slave. 
And so begins the tale of hatred and fear and fury. Of friendship and lust and shifting alliances. Of rebellion and courage and love. Of a girl reclaiming a life that's never been her own.

reaweiger reaweiger Jun 20
I was under the impression that this prologue couldn't possibly become more beautiful, but then you go and turn it into another absolute masterpiece. Wattpad doesn't support my wish to leave about a trillion votes, so - naturally - I had to remove my vote just so I could vote again. <3
Holy wow! Your descriptions are just as amazing as Rebecca's 💕
anilod12 anilod12 May 02
I think this prologue is very well written.
                              You left us wanting to know more about the blonde girl, how/ why was she sold.
                              The ending was spot on because right now I feel like I need to read more to find out about this raven haired girl whose about to be sold as well.
                              Great job ☺
Well girl! I have no idea where to start because I am such awe of your beautiful and poetic descriptions! Such an awe inducing opening 💕 pretty sure I am already in love! 😍
Wonderful prologue! Your writing is truly a joy to read and a breath of fresh air on a site that caters to an over abundance of novices.
                              This is a wonderful prologue! I know I've already said it in a long winded paragraph, but your writing is really unique and captivating. You hook the reader by setting up the plot but you don't give too much away, which I am a huge fan of. I love this!