Karamakov•Tom Riddle FanFiction

Karamakov•Tom Riddle FanFiction

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所以 不 凉 By newvogue Updated Oct 19, 2017

"Banshees don't predict danger.
They predict death."

Kenna Karamakov is back for a new year at Hogwarts and she's trying to convince herself it's going to be a good one, but she's mistaken.

When new threats arise revolving her newfound 'gift', Kenna will have to make decisions that will haunt her forever. 

As her new year begins, Kenna starts realising her her new power is doing more then haunting her. 

Along the way, she must make one life-changing decision after another as new friendships, love interests, and problems climb into her life. 

And then there's the question that everybody is trying to figure out:

Can you really erase a person?

((Slow Updates))

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ta_chere_Victor ta_chere_Victor Dec 02, 2017
No rest for the wicked by lykke li... this song is my life!💜
uneternally uneternally Jan 05, 2017
^ No rest for the wicked
                              Is it a refference from Wicked by Luna Aura? Cause if it is, I love it 💕
KiirstyLouiise KiirstyLouiise Oct 25, 2016
I literally binge read the entire of the first book and now just finished whats been written so far for this one! (Even it is is almost 3am) Love the characters and the plot you've got going on! Can't wait to read more! 😊
nottheflowergirl nottheflowergirl Jan 01, 2017
I absolutely adore your writing style. It's so easy and calming while there actually does happen a lot and you also tell a lot. But somehow, you make it seem less.
                              Also, I think you're story idea is wonderfully original and I think that's such a treat (:
                              loool, that was a lot >.<
_Giovani_ _Giovani_ Dec 22, 2018
He’s seems really pushy. Like she doesn’t have to tell him anything and then he’s always commenting on where she’s looking. Like, can she not look around or??
emisamazinglyawesome emisamazinglyawesome Oct 11, 2018
I don’t sleep more than four hours but that’s coz I’m always up reading fanfics lel