Lesbian Heaven

Lesbian Heaven

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Holliviana White By Holly_Hotstuff Completed

Imagine for a moment that all you have been told is true, that when your body is worn out and your organs say 'enough is enough' you die...Imagine that heaven exists and that it holds the consciousness for every single person who has ever walked on the earth.

Now imagine that your own concept of heaven is only half true, that the idea of Hell is not something that awaits all the lost souls, imagine that this is not the place that you are destined to go because of your sexual non conformity.

From today you will have a new understanding and that there are two heavens for all mortals.

We have the boring and stuffy heaven for the heterosexual population and then we have the exciting and almost utopian version for the crème de la crème...

!! Welcome to Lesbian Heaven !!

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boomx4 boomx4 Mar 13
Wow, that's such a young age to be able to drink and smoke... In my country it's 21.
Lol the gay bomb 💣! Uh oh... Hope she gets to keep the apt and car!
- - Sep 22, 2016
Wow she came out on her birthday wonder how this will go down