The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

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No Name By Demi-Witch-Hunter Updated May 15, 2017

"And you, Percy, as Tom's grandson-"

"Wait, what?!"


That's right, fangirls and fanboys, Good 'Ol Voldy has a an heir!

The question remains, though, : Does Percy have what it takes to protect Harry? Does Harry trust Percy enough? Will You-Know-Who use Percy to his advantage? How will The Dark Lord cope when he senses a force more powerful than himself protecting Harry?

Disclaimer: I own nothin', minions.

Almost every single one of these stories are discontinued or abandoned or whatever. I promise you I plan to keep writing until the very end in this FanFiction! There might be some times when there are slow updates, but definitely no discontinuing.

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SarahGuan9 SarahGuan9 Oct 22, 2017
Potter lived because of his mother. His M-O-T-H-E-R. That is how he lived.
SarahGuan9 SarahGuan9 Oct 22, 2017
We don't care if Potter is safe. Can't always choose favorites.
SarahGuan9 SarahGuan9 Oct 22, 2017
Harry Potter. Always Harry Potter. Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that. Blah, blah, blah. We get it, but, not everyone cares about him and to get it through your dumb brain, he can die for all some people care.
Annabeth_Jackson_12 Annabeth_Jackson_12 Aug 06, 2017
So... like shadow travel?
                              Is shadow travel like, a version of apparation?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
Rhosseinof Rhosseinof Aug 27, 2017
Instead of children I read chicken 😂 so I ended up rereading the whole chapter
SarahGuan9 SarahGuan9 Oct 22, 2017
Let Potter die. He is not worth it. (No offense to the author)