The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

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No Name By Demi_Witch_Hunter Updated Nov 21, 2016

"And you, Percy, as Tom's grandson-"

"Wait, what?!"


That's right, fangirls and fanboys, Good 'Ol Voldy has a an heir!

The question remains, though, : Does Percy have what it takes to protect Harry? Does Harry trust Percy enough? Will You-Know-Who use Percy to his advantage? How will The Dark Lord cope when he senses a force more powerful than himself protecting Harry?

Disclaimer: I own nothin', minions.

Almost every single one of these stories are discontinued or abandoned or whatever. I promise you I plan to keep writing until the very end in this FanFiction! There might be some times when there are slow updates, but definitely no discontinuing.

deadlillyrat deadlillyrat Nov 22, 2016
I don't know this kid and have no obligations to him or his family so exactly why would I protect him from his mortal enemy?
Demi_Witch_Hunter Demi_Witch_Hunter Oct 04, 2016
You know, there are so many things here dying 'after a nose' but that technically doesn't make sense. Cuz it says method he didn't have last time, and he had a nose last time (:
ambi2006 ambi2006 Jan 08
Kiwi_Chun Kiwi_Chun Nov 06, 2016
                              OMFG AAAAH HOLY ZEUS! CUTE CUTE CUTE CU-
kittycats123456789lO kittycats123456789lO Oct 04, 2016
You have to be more pacific, there's a lot of things he didn't have before........
                              A nose
                              A good laugh..........
RaniaEll RaniaEll Oct 16, 2016
I am secretly hoping for voldy-moldy to use the imperius on Percu