The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

The Heir of Voldemort (a PJO and HP crossover)

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No Name By Demi-Witch-Hunter Updated May 15, 2017

"And you, Percy, as Tom's grandson-"

"Wait, what?!"


That's right, fangirls and fanboys, Good 'Ol Voldy has a an heir!

The question remains, though, : Does Percy have what it takes to protect Harry? Does Harry trust Percy enough? Will You-Know-Who use Percy to his advantage? How will The Dark Lord cope when he senses a force more powerful than himself protecting Harry?

Disclaimer: I own nothin', minions.

Almost every single one of these stories are discontinued or abandoned or whatever. I promise you I plan to keep writing until the very end in this FanFiction! There might be some times when there are slow updates, but definitely no discontinuing.

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And you'll be in a world of pure imagination "
                               - Willy wonka qoutes
I'm such a Nico fanatic that I read 'Deep Breaths' as Death Breath
Well now that's just rude Harry, you don't just call someone "that thing" it's just not done😳
SneakyAssassin SneakyAssassin Dec 13, 2017
I love how all of these are 'SOLANGELO!' and I'm just over here like "I LOVE THE MINIONS!!!!!!'
I don’t wanna upset you but Voldy is a fluffy pupppy compared to Gaea and Kronos
RunHuaLi RunHuaLi Mar 15
Poseidon(My uncle since I would be a daughter of Hades), he be like: Can't find me bishes!