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Creep -Ferard-

Creep -Ferard-

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Awful By koolaidzZ Completed

// First off I just want to say that this story is extremely fucked up, so just a warning. Also there's a bunch of grammar and wording issues due to the fact this was written 4 years ago by a 13 year old Illiterate me so keep that in mind too. // 

Frankie is 14 and is sent to a run down Summer Camp because of his parents absence. Now he must follow the rules of councilor Gerard who is 19. Some of his rules are a little out there,especially when he starts to make the Campers of Cabin 4 do some things they MAY not want to do.

Now kids, time to blow our whistles. Timmy, why are you screaming rape? Just toot your little whistle
Gerard sounds interesting.... Well Gerard is interesting so shut up self.
                              Okay damn
wee woo wee woo WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO!!!!!! I SAY NO NO NO NO NO 
                              TYLER SAYS 
                              YE YE YE YE YE YE
This whole damn thing just screams out "RRRRAAAAAPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE"
I hope Cas is in this and him and Dean have very nice cabin sex
MCRkilljoy2000 MCRkilljoy2000 Jul 15, 2016
Same Frank same... shorts make me super paranoid. Am I the only one who wears black jeans no matter how hot it is??