We Were Just Kids in Love

We Were Just Kids in Love

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Roxy Cruz and Nate Mahoney have been best friends since the age of 7 and were inseparable until Roxy's parents were transferred to Australia. 

It's been four years and Roxy's family finally return and move back to their old house which is next door to Nate's family. Roxy has grown up into a beautiful, confident and feisty woman and she hopes that everything will be the same as before with her best friend. 
Only she wasn't expecting her best friend to look like a God and definitely didn't expect to grow feelings for him. 

Is it worth over stepping the ‘best friend’ boundaries to see where their relationship will go? I guess the question is: Best friends? To be, or not to be?

PurvashiSaxena PurvashiSaxena May 10, 2016
Actually, he isn't a sexist. He's basically treating girls and boys equally.
wintermorfises wintermorfises Jul 29, 2016
Omg my sports teacher is sexist to he's always saying that the girls can't play basketball and he always wants to help us it's really annoying
briniki6 briniki6 Jul 18, 2016
My school has lockers like a lot of lockers but everyone just carries their bag
OLIVIAellenMAE OLIVIAellenMAE Jul 09, 2014
Sorry i did not get to read the whole thing but i wish i could oh i will read the rest