My Neighbour... Next Door?!

My Neighbour... Next Door?!

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My Neighbour ... Next Door?! (Yukook fanfic)

Choi Yuna (Yuju)
-19 years old
-cheerful, pretty and sings well
-lives alone

Jeon Jungkook
-19 years old -anti-social (except to his friends)
-doesn't talk much without his friends
-lives alone

Bangtan (Jungkook's best friends)
-Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)
-Kim Seokjin (Jin)
-Min Yoongi (Suga)
-Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)
-Park Jimin
-Kim Taehyung (V)
-Jeon Jungkook

Gfriend (Yuju's best friends)
-Kim Sojung (Sowon)
-Jung Yerin
-Jung Eunbi (Eunha)
-Choi Yuna (Yuju)
-Hwang Eunbi (SinB)
-Kim Yewon (Umji)

---People say Opposite Attracts... 
                                          So what happens when a cheerful and bright girl meets a cold and quiet guy?--- 

This is my first ever story, so I really hope you guys enjoy my story! (I will be using their real names throughout the story since they are not idols in my story ^^) Please show support! Thank you!

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Lmfao Jin's a pig .... not in an offensive way tho .... EAT JIN
yoonjm yoonjm Dec 22, 2016
Same issue with the social thing but as I'm behind I'll stop commenting about that now. Other than that you have a plot hole, how did he know that his seat neighbour and Yuna are friends?
YukookHyuminMinSoo YukookHyuminMinSoo Jun 24, 2016
Wow....Yukook shipper 😂😂😂...reallt love it...palli update😂
amyluvsxoxo amyluvsxoxo Jan 02, 2017
Reading it again and again until you update😍😘IT IS SO GOOD AND MY YUKOOK FEELS
yoonjm yoonjm Dec 22, 2016
The only issue I have with this is that in BTS Taehyung is the most sociable and Jin is the second most sociable, J-Hope is just loud haha
Ree_gf Ree_gf Jan 09, 2017
OMG love your way in writing love it ... hahaha wait me till I end reading all of the parts