No More Despair [A Nagito Komaeda X Reader Fanfic]

No More Despair [A Nagito Komaeda X Reader Fanfic]

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Kitty~Senpai By NekoIrs Updated May 21, 2017

"It's you!"

Komaeda. That one who you became best friends with, who helped you when you had hard times. Disappeared but suddenly came back. Filled with hope and despair


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Prince_XV Prince_XV Oct 15, 2017
Stay away from me....
                              I'm violent
Amatalla_theGreat Amatalla_theGreat Apr 11, 2017
Its not. Just a dude with the same face and name. Also a girl that looks like you
Love1_1 Love1_1 Jun 14, 2017
Why don't know but I remembered the Barbie song
                              I'm a Barbie gurl
                              In the Barbie wooorld
fanfic4life2 fanfic4life2 Dec 04, 2017
This is squishy, squishy this is, squishy likes the black waltz, the black waltz likes squishy 
                              Jesters of the moon: thorn, zorn and squishy
LlamaPowerEX LlamaPowerEX Oct 19, 2017
Hey, Grandma wanted me to tell you she’s making stew tonight!
                              FÜCK YEAH!!!!!
                              Okay I’ll leave