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His Butler, Cat Freak!? (Yaoi/ BoyxBoy)(SebastianXCiel) Kuroshitsuji

His Butler, Cat Freak!? (Yaoi/ BoyxBoy)(SebastianXCiel) Kuroshitsuji

70.9K Reads 1.9K Votes 6 Part Story
Eva By TheBlissfulSin Updated Oct 18, 2014

Warning! !! Does contain Yaoi BoyXBoy. Dont like, dont read.......
This is my first Fanfic of Black Bulter (Kuroshitsuji) hope you enjoy always wanted ciel and Sebastian to get down and dirty<3 and to let you guys know, I dont own the anime this is just one of my many fantasys that I wish woulx happen 

Ciel Phantomhive is a 14 year old teen, who lost his parents in a fire and was capture by the evil beings who introduced Ciel to hell himself. Sebastian Michealis. A demon whom Young Master Ciel makes a contract with, inexchange for revenge he offers his soul. The present time ciel works for the queen "the queen loyal dog" to rid the city of crime. Along with him is the so faithful demon whom is just merely " one hell of a butler". 
One day at the Phantomhive estate, things are heating up as the servants cause trouble for Sebastian and annoy Ciel,  so the butler decides to send them away on a vacation in order to have a little piece and quiet. Things turn for the better when young master Ciel becomes bored and wants to a have some "entertainment".

Otaku_Alice_I Otaku_Alice_I Dec 30, 2016
                              ♪~~SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES~~♪
gayllama8216 gayllama8216 Jul 03, 2016
I just keep thinking of sock when he says see something u like when he's in the fridge
yoaiisthebest yoaiisthebest May 01, 2016
* read this awhile taking big sip of water * * reads last bit and spits it out as if I were a hose * 
                              I regret drinking water while reading this XD
IridielsMyBby IridielsMyBby Mar 14, 2016
I said flap jacks instead of pancakes one time and my friend (who's from the north) started cracking up and making fun of how I said it like I thought everybody said flap jacks I didn't realize that was a southern thing...?
- - May 04, 2016
Finny,God damn it ,how can I hate you so much but love you at the same time? Perfect😜
CallMeJasonLynn CallMeJasonLynn Jun 23, 2016
Ok ok ok ok ok ok, when i clicked this story i say that it had 66.6k reads.
                                 TAKE THE . AWAY WHAT DO YOU HAVE? 666K! TAKE AWAY THE K WHAT DO YOU GET? 666 THAT WHAT.