Zootopia High [Nick x Reader]

Zootopia High [Nick x Reader]

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∞ Marie ∞ By ZootopiaPaws Updated Nov 20

As a red fox who is mistreated and misjudged, the reader will remark on a journey told from their own point of view, Nick's point of view, and 3rd person point of view, in their high school years.

Featuring characters such as Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Clawhauser, Fru Fru, McHorn, Bellewether, and many other characters that are featured in the film. And of course, yourself!

I hope enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

NOTE: The art in the cover does nor belong to me. It belongs to whoever made the art.

Eee I love this so much! I would vote, but Wattpad basically blocked me 😒
                              It has decent grammar and catches my interest!
Yeah I'm an animatronic character, who was stuffed inside of a pirate doc's suit after being brutally murdered in a children's pizzarea
I'm going to be a black fox with white seal points on my muzzle, paws, and tail tips. My eyes will be a crystal bluish white, as well.
Me: Quit playing smart a$$ u soon to be criminal 
                              Nick: Soon to be criminal?
                              Me: SHHHHHHIIIIIET I THINK I BROKE SOMETHING.....
foxy I love that name I actually did call Nick Foxy when I first saw him XD my BFF said he's not Foxy that's Nick you play too much Fnaf Bri-Chan XD