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Everything Wrong With: Sonic Fandom

Everything Wrong With: Sonic Fandom

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PSYCHIC♡FIRE By NotMasterhands Updated Jul 08

Everything Wrong with : Sonic Fandom (Mainly the wattpad one)
          Warning : This book contains my overall opinion and view on specific topics that I feel like, should be talked about or handled better. Crazy enough, these are my opinions/restating fact for the viewing audience. You are free to agree or disagree with anything said in this book.
          New to the fandom? A real long time fan? Well we all know that each fandom is different in their own way, including our beloved Sonic's. This is a book, with me mentioning everything I find irritating, wrong or disturbed about the wattpad (and more) Sonic community.
          Feel free to suggest a topic to talk about inside!
        ETWWSF -ver. Mania- cover by @Notmasterhands

So it's really true that you're a Silvaze shipper0_0I thought you didn't ship any couple..
                              The fandom I'm in, Eddsworld, a character called Tom is a grumpy alcoholic, but everyone exaggerates him, and so comes along the depressed extra-alcoholic and murderous Tom.
XD I don't know if Shadow crying blood or his mascara is coming off.
I agree it kinda displays that in a gay relationship one of them has to be tough and the other has to be cute and fragile. This is not the case at all. Both of them can be tough. Uke should only mean he's bottom that it.
-xXBlazeTheCatXx- -xXBlazeTheCatXx- Aug 16, 2016
I love you even more! Silvaze is my personal OTP for the franchise for many reasons.
SpeedKageMuoi SpeedKageMuoi Oct 25, 2016
I luv Silver too XD i oso agree wif u on the brave and the short tempered part. However, although i also don't agree that he's weak, I do agree that he is shy at times. But i respect ur opinion.