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She's my kitten (Antisepticeye x Reader x Darkiplier)

She's my kitten (Antisepticeye x Reader x Darkiplier)

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The Supernatural creatures reveal themselves to the world. Where that they are ready to live among normal humans. With the reveal of supernatural creatures leaves the world changing. 

Especially for youtubers Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. Since their dark sides come out as humans. 

(Name), a young Neko with high magic. She moves to LA where she meets, two youtubers and their dark sides. She becomes fast friends with the four. Who devoulp feelings for the Neko Witch. 

Now they adjust to a changing world. And the strong feelings of love for the kitty friend.

I imagined me stretching like I normally do.
                              I flop outta bed, and stretch like a cat. Ignoring the fact that I landed on legos.
                              THEN I scream.
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              That escalated rather quickly
FusionToy FusionToy Jun 09
I have a YouTube channel named Fusion Toy, and conveniently, I have a dark version named Division Toy, and she is a Neko witch, so I'll be Division.
When I was reading the word Witch I read it as Watch 😂😂😂😂
CAN I DECIDE HOW IM NEKO??!!?  I would prob have a fluffy raccoon tail (wolf but raccoon style) and small lynx ears
ArcticFox__ ArcticFox__ Jan 04
Ok so half human half cat and half witch bruh logic 
                              😂😂 don't worry I get what you mean though