dazed ➵ markjin

dazed ➵ markjin

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kinks By elfjoe Updated May 28

mark + jinyoung ♡
ft. jackbam and yugyeom (:

[ slow updates ]

**this was my first story so i didn't really know much, it's kinda cringey so be warned.

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Bitch if you don't kiss Jinyoung imma rip your ballsack off !! 😂
sleepingsnorlax sleepingsnorlax a day ago
black and white a and b thats my style so let me be swaggy t thats me
Hell0Smuts_ Hell0Smuts_ Apr 27
Thats the reason why my mom doesnt buy me alarm clocks no more and why she just wakes me up instead. (I once broke her arm by accident.) Oh and why I dont put alarms on my phone too.
you just had to throw in that 50 shades car model huh ?! 🤣🤣
Yes now its time to learn how to be savage 😊😊😊😊😊
Ohhh...good for jinyoung i stand when i dont know the answer hahahha but my teacher doesnt really catch me offguard bc. Im not the only noisy one like wtf all of us were...