Tyler's Gem

Tyler's Gem

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"Dude what's your problem?" I asked when everyone was out of sight. It's as if I flipped a switch because the playful Tyler was gone. Instead, serious Tyler was back and looked very angry. What did I do this time?

"My problem is that you attract so much attention."

I blinked once.

"My problem is that you're so damn naive you don't notice everyone looking at you."

I held in my breath as he pushed me against the wall.

"My problem is that every guy out there was watching you."

I felt my heart beat even faster as his angry face came closer to mine and laid his forehead on mine.

"My problem is that no one can take a damn hint." He growled.

I opened my mouth to say something but he spoke once again.

"My problem is that you don't see it." 

"See what?" I breathed out quietly.

"That you're damn mine and only mine." He growled out before smashing his lips onto mine.
Crystal Clare is your average teenager. The type everyone knows at first glance. A bright white smile that shouts out a very happy girl. Growing up with big hopes and dreams.

But little did everyone know that smile she was wearing, is actually a mask. Or those hopes and dreams everyone thought she had, were crushed by everyone around her just because of some extra weight she had on in school. Or with the constant bullying by none other than Tyler Grey. Making her life a living hell.

But what happens when she comes back home for senior year, looking like a whole new person? 

What happens when she's ready to show everyone, especially Tyler Grey that she won't let anyone push her around anymore?

What happens when the certain bully doesn't stop until he gets what he wants?

What does he want you might ask? The same thing he wanted from the very beginning.

Crystal Clare.

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I love the dress but now I can't get the thought of her in a paper bag out of my head lol (love the book btw)
BUT YOUR FIRST BOOK WAS SO GOOD!!! I think it'll be GREAT!!!! 😝😝😝😘😘❤️❤️😜😜
DopeMCB DopeMCB Sep 04
Holy lore of books! That was fantastic, how on earth did you even begin to make that.
nikolaylay1 nikolaylay1 Oct 28
Vampire Diaries and Colton Haynes? Kat Graham? 😍😍😍😍 YAS! Love this! BECOME A MOVIE PLEASE! TYLERS CHARACTER IS HAWT!
Omg who else recognised some of the arrow squad?!?  (aka: Oliver, Felicity, John, Thea and Roy)
                              Where my arrow fans at?!
That was breathtaking! I cannot believe you made that yourself!  (Actually I can..)