Tyler's Gem

Tyler's Gem

27.5M Reads 983K Votes 69 Part Story
Rua Hasan By TwinziHasan Completed

Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #1

Editing placed on hold until further notice 


She was broken

So she moved away

Until one day 

she returned 

Having to face the person who hurt her

Making her past rise from the ground once more

Making Tyler's feelings return once again

Making her trapped in his presence 

And making her his Gem

When you hold something dear to your heart, you try to treasure it as if it was gold. For it is too valuable to lose. And when you protect it with all your might, it then becomes your treasure. 

Your gem.

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DewTheCaterpillar DewTheCaterpillar 5 days ago
                              Feb 19, 2018
                              11:46 pm
                              Supposed to be sleeping for school tomorrow
HiomyCruz HiomyCruz Dec 31, 2017
annapotterhead annapotterhead Dec 30, 2017
I remember reading this book and I have to say that it's still one of my favs. I've read so many other books after I finished this one but I keep coming back to it, it's so good 💜
lady_Anna_Marie lady_Anna_Marie Dec 31, 2017
@twinzihasan how can u talk about Tyler's gem like that the book is FREAKING AMAZING like omg i feel offended who cares about the mistakes like they will even notice it.... babe love ur book we already love it for u
Ni_sha_sha Ni_sha_sha Dec 30, 2017
Your book is amazing. I love to read it. I wish I could write like that
FlightlessByrd29 FlightlessByrd29 4 days ago
                              PO LICE: *police sirens* I think we got her *holds hand cuffs*
                              Me: ONE MACA TWO MACA THREE MACARENA