The Bad Boy...Pu-lease

The Bad Boy...Pu-lease

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Catrina By xUnicorn_Kittyx Updated Nov 22

There are so many story's about the bad boy and the good girl, and we all know how it ends. The good girl sees through the bad boy look and ends up changing him and they live happily ever after 
This book is different there is a bad boy but rather than some A grade achiever with the good girl attitude and frilly dresses, there is the bad girl. 

Jasmine is the new girl at Southwood high but she gets her reputation quickly as the bad girl.

Then you get James, he is your typical bad boy and also does bets....your typical bets, so when James sees Jasmine it's game on.

But what if someone stood in his way??

A nerd?

Things just got way more complicated the James expected

Haha ⌚ I think that the only time kids read or write if they want is on wattpad 😁😂
Why does everyone hate there step parents to they just come in and try to take in the role to the other person .😝😜😉
I really wanna rock with somebody shot shot shot shot 🤘🔫🔫i wanna take shots with somebody shot shot shot shot 🍷🍸🍻🍺🍹🍾🔫🔫
Nice name idk wli any more what has the world come to 😉😇
Ikr parents these days they talk about us lids changing uh look who else has changed 😏😒😑😼😾🙍