Don't Touch Me

Don't Touch Me

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Run☆Sonic By RunSonic Updated Sep 22

Sonic the hedgehog's known for his speed and his heroic deeds. Shadow the hedgehog was once a foe and now finally team up with the good guys. But as time goes by, these two find themselves in the most particular situation that not even Sonic's speed can outrun or Shadow can remove it. Will Shadow admit to him, mostly to himself about his feelings to liking this blue hedgehog? Or does it have to take an ancient curse to make him realize his true potential.

Sonic, Shadow and the characters belong to Sega
Plot belongs to moi
Cover is made by moi but pictures used aren't mine :) 

Quick note: Be mindful of my wrong grammars, spellings and typos. I wouldn't be able to edit this once the book ends and no regrets about it

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I just noticed the somewhat 'not a pun' at the start,  'Shadowy Figure' oh you Author-Chan/Kun
Should I start counting how many times the title is said? If so, 1.
"Could he love... Her?"
                              Well. It's still too early for him to realize it. And he didn't gave him any reason to suspect...something. 😯
DarkRose002 DarkRose002 Feb 08
...................Stupid hedgehog.................
                              SHADOW DOESN'T LIKE AMY! (And I happy for this. I hate ShadAmy couple)
                              So... Sonic... you are a bit stupid... just a bit...
HuggerLover HuggerLover Dec 20, 2016
U know wat I just realized...? Sakura from Naruto and Amy are AWFULLY  similar.
RunSonic RunSonic Jun 17, 2016
Admin: This isn't ShadAmy! I promise! This is a SonAdow one. And calm down! 0~0