Don't Touch Me

Don't Touch Me

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“STOP&REWIND” By Run_Sonic Updated Feb 05

•"D-Don't touch me." He snarled. Drawing attention to the others who looked at both of them. "W-What?" Sonic said as Shadow finally got what to say. "I said DON'T touch me. Got it? You won't understand anything. Just, stay away from me."•

Sonic and Shadow are both rivals with each other from the start, as Sonic tries to bend things a little and make friendship with him and the lone one. but as far as they can go, Shadow's feelings will stay the way it is for him. It happens when in a sudden movement, everything changes for the both of them, an event happened that will change their lives from this day on. 

There is a mythical tree that lives in a forest which bears fruit of love. One bite of it, both of them realize what the term 'love' means. Will Shadow try to return his feelings of his faker? Or will Sonic give up hoping that he might love him soon enough?

Sonic, Shadow and the characters belong to Sega
Plot belongs to moi
Cover is edited by moi and images from Deviantart

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SuguSwordsman SuguSwordsman Dec 20, 2016
U know wat I just realized...? Sakura from Naruto and Amy are AWFULLY  similar.
DarkRose002 DarkRose002 Feb 08
I hate you, Amy Rose... Can't you leave Sonic alone, right?
                              (Sorry for my english but I'm italian)