Online Ties (Destiel/Sabriel)

Online Ties (Destiel/Sabriel)

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Jasmine ^_^ By Gabriels_Wings Updated Apr 18, 2017

What if our four loveable idiots were fanfic writers and that's how they met?

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel were all pretty normal people. At least in their normal lives they were. However each one of them would go home, get out their laptop, and either write or read.

Gabriel happens upon the amazing fic of one of his fans, which strikes up a conversation between the two.

Dean reads the saddest fic in the fandom and realizes the writer didn't actually get much direct credit. So decides to talk to them about it.

And so the online ties that connect them begin...

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Yikisole13 Yikisole13 Apr 01
                              Foxy: that's worse than the names ye came up with for us...
                              Me: yeah it is...
                              Cass: fanfic? 
                              Me: more or less...
                              Mangle: more...
                              Me: ma!!
                              Mangled: it's true
                              Me: beside the point
                              Cass: point is the point
zion2417 zion2417 Apr 05
Nah, he'd just break out one man tear to make all the fangirls swoon
MrFlamingo14 MrFlamingo14 2 days ago
I love how unless they share a room, its not even Gabe’s floor, its Cassie’s. Think of the chaos in Gabriels room
zion2417 zion2417 Apr 05
Dude, I was at afterschool sitting at the beta club table, when this one kid yells "HEY, ANYBODY HAVE WATTPAD?!" And so I raise my hand, and he's like "*insert username heere*"(I can't remember what he said) and I just start laughing👍🤣😄👌
Yikisole13 Yikisole13 Apr 01
                              Cass: that had to be the name it just had to be...
                              Me: got a better one?
                              Cass: no not right now...
                              Me: firgered
sounds like me but with clothes, trash, and god knows what else