Hetalia Lemons

Hetalia Lemons

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BoringGlory By BoringGlory Updated Apr 28

Title says all. Mostly yaoi with about one yuri.

Also, the names of the ships may not be completely accurate? They'll be the characters involved, don't stress, but it might not play out in the exact order of the name.


I applaud you so much for that wording like if you had seen the terribly written lemon scenes I have before, you would understand why I'm so glad you put "slightly excited" lmao XD
Let's all remember that they're doing this in a kitchen that still has glass and vodka all over the floor.
When Latvia said that it seemed British to me so I just imagined England looking through the window and giving him a thumbs up like "THATS A JOLLY GOOD CHAP"
*makes wierd animal sounds that sounds like a cross between a kitten and a baby bird and a choking seal*
Plot twist Lithuania and Estonia heard the whole thing and had nosebleeds.
I don't ship this, not really, but this was amazing! 
                              ._.I feel bad for the shards of glass from the vodka bottle tho. . .
                              They had to watch all that happen. . .