May The Odds Be Ever In Our Favour {PurplePhone | Hunger Games}

May The Odds Be Ever In Our Favour {PurplePhone | Hunger Games}

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Remember to smile, you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. By 19VincentPurpleGuy87 Completed

Scott is a small, fragile boy from District 11 who wasn't expected to survive the first day of the Games. He's been hanging on the brink by stalking Vincent, the strongest and most competent killer in the Games, and stealing what he leaves behind. 

So what happens when he finally notices?

((cover credit @smreetee ))

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DawningFlower DawningFlower Jul 28, 2017
When I first saw this book, my first thought was "Hold the phone, there's a-" until it was cut off by me realising I had unintentionally made a mental pun and started to silently laugh.
noemiala_ noemiala_ Nov 16, 2017
Just imagine if you were in the capital watching this and you were shipping them but you had to keep your composure whilst on the inside you're like "Yas Get In. I ship it❤💋✊"
thisfriday thisfriday Oct 18, 2017
This might be the greatest fanfic idea I'll ever see during my lifetime
William-FnAfton William-FnAfton Apr 08, 2017
*stares at story in awe* I think this is the beginning of a beautiful story \:DD
DashIsTotallyEpic DashIsTotallyEpic Jun 20, 2016
I'm literally reading this to my younger sister to shut her up. Have mercy on her soul, Vincent.
Frighten_Cin Frighten_Cin Jun 18, 2016
Love the writing style
                              Makes my state Mach turn in jealousy
                              I'm naht bona read it but you can pretend I am