The 8 Days Of Dakota Grinn (boyxboy)

The 8 Days Of Dakota Grinn (boyxboy)

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The brush of an arm, the tap of a hand, any skin to skin contact and Dakota Grinn is plagued with the horror of that person's death. He sees the Number, the date they'll die, and feels the pain they encounter when they do. Skin melting, knife twisting, bones cracking; Dakota feels it. And he's sick of it.

Abandoned by his parent's because of his "gift", Dakota hops around foster home to foster home. The beginning of his 8 days start at a new foster home with a kind, understanding foster mom with a too low Number. As the 8 days pass, Dakota meets Andy, an adorable, sweet guy that insists on being his friend.  Normally secluding himself from people, Dakota feels drawn to Andy. Is it the fact that his cute face takes his breath away? Is it because his light, gentle voice calms Dakota instantly? Or is it how whenever he feels Andy's Number, Dakota is filled with warmth and love and the feeling of having lived a long, happy life? And the strangest thing; Dakota sees himself right there with him, holding Andy lovingly in his arms.

Even with the single source of warmth, Dakota is still left with the fear and pain of others' deaths. But only 8 days. He only needs to last 8 more days. Then Dakota ends it all. Or will Andy be able to save him in time?

Rromanticized Rromanticized Jan 28, 2016
....The first time I read this I totally thought it was Dakota Grim....woops
silverdawn13 silverdawn13 Dec 29, 2016
Lol I clicked on this when I saw the cover had Kellin Quinn on it and I had to double I'm interested
KhalenFlowers KhalenFlowers Jul 05, 2016
Guys if you like this book you should read the numbers trilogy. It's not on wattpad though, and these books are a lot alike, except it's not boyxboy
GetTheMessedUpDeal GetTheMessedUpDeal Jul 14, 2015
am I the only one who keeps turning this into a kellic? because if a story is featuring Kellin Quinn my brain doesn't care who the heck is casted as the other person I automatically think 'VIC VIC VIC VIC VIC'
kaysa1292001 kaysa1292001 Jun 27, 2015
                              I don't listen to those guys all that often, but I do know of them quite a bit, so I couldn't figure out where the frick I've seen him before.
Yeah_you Yeah_you Oct 08, 2014
oh my god!!i am in love with these two characters!!!!!
                              marry me!!!!