Flower Knights (A SVT BTS Fanfic)

Flower Knights (A SVT BTS Fanfic)

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RinaYumi By RinaYumi Updated Nov 09, 2017

"Chiyo, I need you to help me take the next batch of trainees."

"Sir, these new trainees are getting worse and worse each time! The other batch had absolutely no stamina and they were like drowning puppies, the one before kept 'accidentally' destroying everything when practicing shooting, and the last ones were so stupid-," the girl shook her head in memory, "they took a whole week to learn how to use the tracking devices"

"Chiyo, just because you've been training ever since you could walk AND you have the natural talent doesn't mean everyone learns as quickly as you. I don't know why but suddenly you've changed. You used to enjoy training the newcomers and smile so much, and Bam! I don't know what it was that did it from that last mission, but you need some cool water to that fire of yours." 

"Sir, but that's a complete waste of my time!"

"This is your punishment from failing the last mission Chiyo. I have 13 boys for you this time, and they're all from important families."

"THIRTEEN BOYS FROM IMPORTANT FAMILIES?" the girl exclaimed even though she tried to kept silent after being reminded of her punishment, "Sir! We aren't running a day care for chaebol heirs here. This is a secret organisation. This is a training ground!" 

The elder man's gaze turned stern. "You think I don't know that Chiyo? Don't mess this up- they're going on missions after 7 months." The man turned and left the small underground dorm room everyone had to themselves at the Memoralia organisation. 

"Ugh," Chiyo breathed to herself as she pulled her hair up into a ponytail, "It's okay Chiyo. You can do it. A punishment is a punishment. It was your fault for falling into their lies in the last mission. You can......UGH! This is gonna be a pain in the arse!!" Chiyo yelled as she flung one of the small knives towards the wall, allowing it to shoot accurately into one of the empty slots alongside all the other weapons on the wall. Her specialty was hand to hand combat and technology.

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Haha, boys.
                              I always think about boys whenever it's the first day of school.
bearhug- bearhug- Jun 17, 2016
I love all your female characters, they have such a strong personality. Why can't I be like that too? hahaba anyway, good jobbb I love this
vitaminimum vitaminimum Jun 18, 2016
I would love some Wonwoo and Vernon tbh... BUT WONWOO FOR THE WIN perfect for the dark princess
vitaminimum vitaminimum Jun 18, 2016
I cry,  it's already so good but I'm still butthurt that BTS is evil... Still love the story tho
Littl3BrownGirl Littl3BrownGirl Jun 17, 2016
Wonwoo's voice (btw if your wondering why I kept saying wonwoo his not my bias )