Being Broken (ON HOLD)

Being Broken (ON HOLD)

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Dean and Elena By spnjackles Updated Oct 05, 2016

Old age was never going to be part of her story. That was okay with her. The people she loved most were going to live and fix the problems she left behind while she burned in hell. At least, that was what was supposed to happen. But being pure kind of ruined her ending: She wasn't human enough to go with the rest of the mortal souls.

After Addison Blake died, she woke up in the middle of the woods with no idea of where she was. Now she's running and fighting for her life as she waits for the Winchesters to find her. They assume she went to hell, but what will they do when they find out they're wrong? Where is she? More importantly, how are they going to bring her back to life?

Dean is spiraling out of control as his efforts to save her keep failing, the guilt he's feeling getting worse every day she's gone. He feels responsible for his girlfriend's death even though he knows the demons were going kill her anyway. Dean begins to cross lines he set for himself a long time ago just to get her back, doing things that make his brother worry for his humanity.

While he's counting the days since she left, Addison is enjoying her time with the things of nightmares. She had always been a monster, she just didn't know it until the love of her life stuck an angel blade in her chest. She's losing hope fast, her humanity losing its edge as she becomes one of the things she used to hunt. Death still hangs over Addison even after she returns to the living, the choices she made while she was dead making her question everything she stands for. The Winchesters failed at saving her once and they can't afford to fail again. Especially after they learn Lucifer isn't the only one who crawled out of the pit.

Sequel to Being Pure

PLEASE NOTE: This story is ON HOLD and may not continue. Currently I am focused on other creative works that you can find on my Wattpad account.

**For possible trigger warnings, please read the Author's Note at the end of Chapter One.**

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ShilohLOL ShilohLOL Jul 28, 2016
So this is what is think, dean is going crazy, but that is understandable. Addison is keeping it together better than I thought and I an so very happy that Benny is part of this amazing series. Oh yeah and one more thing YOU ARE AN AWESOME WRITER.
anni4334 anni4334 Oct 19, 2016
Is there going to be trigger warnings in the hole book, cause I've had suicide thoughts. And I LOVE the book, but if there is trigger warnings all the way through the book I don't think I can read it. But the first chapter was GREAT!!!
FangirlSupreme99 FangirlSupreme99 Jan 15, 2017
I cannot believe Sam gets to act so brotherly right now!! Hes the reason shes dead for crying out loud!!! HE SOLD HER TO FREAKING DEMONS!!!!
ShilohLOL ShilohLOL Jul 28, 2016
Omg please tell me she meets Benny. I will love u forever if she meets benny
kyarawinchester kyarawinchester Jun 26, 2016
First chapter was awesome and can't wait to see what you have in store for Addie and the Winchesters