Jacksepticeye/Markiplier/Pewdiepie x Reader FanFiction

Jacksepticeye/Markiplier/Pewdiepie x Reader FanFiction

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INFIRES MAN!!! By cutiepiegirl20 Updated Sep 21, 2017

" So guys, we have something important to tell you." I straightened my back up, happy to hear what Jack was going to say. " The 100th person to comment anything on my next video that lives in Y/L, where we are right now, gets to meet all of us and gets to go to the place of your liking! Sounds exciting, right?" I started to fangirl so much. Just imagine what it will be like to be the 100th comment and meet the one and only Felix, Jack, and Mark! Not many people get to meet them!

   Will you be the 100th to comment and meet them? Read this story to find out!

   This story is based off three famous Youtubers Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie.

   Helped Start The Story: @DarkSoraLover123   Plot and Story Idea By: @cutiepiegirl20   Cover By: @Sarcass---- Winner of cover contest!!!

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MattTennant213 MattTennant213 Oct 15, 2017
Sorry if there is like 1234567890 notifications saying you spelt something wrong it just really bugs me and i can't stand it but
RoyGBiv24 RoyGBiv24 Aug 19, 2017
Ok ready to read a nice innocent book...
                              1. Abuse 
                              2. Gore
                              3. Sexual themes 
                              4. Swearing 
                              5. Violence 
                              And never mind it's the usual
Happy4meself Happy4meself Nov 29, 2017
Please proceed with caution, grammars they be right. I got 100,000,000 but i give you that light 50. - 21 Savage
EmelieBlair EmelieBlair Oct 19, 2016
When will this be updated.? The description is the most original thing I've seen in a while.
Make a fav fic about kick the septic eye( jacksepticeye and kick the pj) ur welcome
FluffyAvacodo FluffyAvacodo Sep 15, 2016
Hey sorry my message thing is mess up and I would love to be in a fanfic I don't care which one