Bittersweet Kisses (OHSHC Fanfic)(Boyxboy)

Bittersweet Kisses (OHSHC Fanfic)(Boyxboy)

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QWilliamSikes By QWilliamSikes Updated Mar 17, 2017

Kongou Furikaji has always been the one-man-out. The watcher from the sidelines. An initiator of conflict. The 'weird kid', the 'misfit'.

Isn't it a bit ironic then, that such a thing would go to high school with other people? When secrets could be so easily found out and exposed? For him, it's the sure-fire way to beat an enemy he's long been at war with.


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Maddog333martin Maddog333martin Aug 03, 2017
                              I also bite at my lips and pick at the area around my finger nails till they bleed.
                              Oh and my nose twitches if I blink to quickly. 
                              And I count out how many times I bounce my legs when I'm nervous.
                              And I clench my fists when I get to anxious.
cemoras cemoras Mar 11, 2017
he's underweight yet likes food in general can some one please explane
The_Gossiper The_Gossiper 7 days ago
Its me but without cooking and I never really thought that much about martiak arts but its cool so I might try one day!
tM0922 tM0922 Jun 14, 2017
The reason I never get hyper is because I always tap the floors rapidly with my legs to get rid of the energy. That's one of my quirks
ThATP3Rs0n ThATP3Rs0n Nov 18, 2017
I tilt my head all the time without realizing I do.  I've been like that since I was a baby.  It's weird.
lara_the_otaku lara_the_otaku Apr 10, 2017
Haha I do that too. When I'm worried or nervous I tend to bit me fingers or nails