Little Do You Know (Book 2)

Little Do You Know (Book 2)

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Jimin walked down the aisle as bells rang. They weren't school bells telling him he was late again, or the hallways where the jocks pulled tricks on him.

He wasn't carrying loads of books that overflowed from his arms. 


He was walking down the church's aisle with a bouquet of white flowers in one hand and his other hand linked with Jin's. 

His smile was flashing brightly, causing Jungkook, the man in a black tuxedo standing at the altar to let his jaw drop. He cupped his hands over his mouth in awe as he let a few tears stream down his face. 

Jimin, in Jungkook's opinion looked amazing in an all white suit with his contrasting black hair draping right above his eyes. 

Jin let go of Jimin's arm and walked to his seat in the front row after walking down the aisle with him after the flower girl. 

Both Jungkook and Jimin looked at each other with huge smiles plastered on their faces. They said their vows, which brought both of them to tears. 

Jungkook slipped the wedding band on...

BabyJi95 BabyJi95 Jul 05
When auto correct changes Jimin to him in, i get so damn annoyed 😂😂
Are you sure suga is not naruto because they are very similar