Cuts of your Love: Sequel to Broken~A Dallas Winston X Reader Story

Cuts of your Love: Sequel to Broken~A Dallas Winston X Reader Story

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I saw Dallas pull up his sleeve to reveal a scar on his wrist, "I couldn't take it anymore John, I can't take the fact that she's gone." 

It's been 2 months since you had last seen Dallas and the gang. Everyone is dealing with it in their own ways. Dallas has been drinking more and crying himself to sleep, Pony and Johnny have tried to help him but he always shouts "Go Away!!" At them. Soda and Darry have been staying up late some nights to talk things out with Dallas to convince him to keep faith. Two-Bit has offered to take Dal to a few bars, but all Dallas wants to do is mope. Steve has been telling Dallas that you'll be okay, you're a strong girl. But nothing could cure Dallas, not Two-Bit and his stupid jokes, not Johnny, not even Soda's smile. 

But after Dal is able to finally find something, he gains hope that he'll find you. After all that was the last promise he had made, and he wasn't going to break it.

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localdreamer00 localdreamer00 Apr 01, 2017
Not to be mean or rude but u should've gave a slight trigger warning about the scar
Shadow_Di_Angelo Shadow_Di_Angelo May 27, 2017
Actually if you read the summary it told you this would happen
Writeratheart330 Writeratheart330 Jul 11, 2016
I'd want the reader to have different P.O.V.s so that there can be clues to where the reader is
liv_0526 liv_0526 Jul 10, 2016
I want the reader to be back by the middle end but the whole gone for a while thing is a good idea 👍👏