Just acting....I think (Shia LaBeouf fan fic)

Just acting....I think (Shia LaBeouf fan fic)

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Delajah By bewitchthegrinch Updated Jun 20, 2015

A/N: so i started writng this when i first made fanfictons and dear lord it sucks....so im sort of kind of fixing it up and with that um read on :) 


Okay you can do this. no big deal right? You've got as much talent as any other girl here. hell,even better. "Evelyn Moore" the lady said.I got up and followed her into a room.She sat down behind the desk and pointed to a chair in front.

I sat down while she went over my information. i couldn't help but fidget in my seat.As I glanced around the room my eyes landed on the name tag the lady had on her shirt. My eyes nearly fell out as i read her name. 

Her name was Tittsworh Grabbe. No joke. Before i could stop myself i was already laughing like a mad person. She looked up at me like I was crazy."Is there a problem Mrs.Moore" she said. 

I tried to contain my laughter. "um yeah I'm fine....Mrs.Grabbe" I snickered. She huffed and gave off a annoyed look."why are you here" she asked leaning back in her chair I'm guessing trying...

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