Michael was created by the team of the skilled Dr. Lawrence to be the first robot to simulate human emotions with perfection. Dr. Charlotte DeLanne is part of this team. She considers her life to be finally perfect: a great job, a loving fiancee and the biggest launch of her career with the Michael Project. However, she quickly finds herself bonded to Michael as her life starts to fall apart.
This reminds me of Mila 2.0. It's a book I'm reading right now, except the robot is a teenage girl.
I sense a little cyberpunk in the works. Will be interesting to see where this goes....
Interesting beginning, hooking first sentence, and overall great chapter! My only wish is that it would be longer, because its so well-written. I am definately reading on! :)
I'm curious to see if he really will only *simulate* emotion . . .
Holy jesus.  So glad I listened to Frak, and I came to read this and it seems pretty good so farrr :3  I like it ^_^
Just read all that's there, which I don't often do. Like the idea of the story. Voted for all the #parts. Love the cover. Do feel like I'm looking in on I  Robot