Regret Rejecting Me Now?(On Hold)

Regret Rejecting Me Now?(On Hold)

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Toasty Toast By iiQueenBii Updated Nov 02, 2016

"I, Joshua Black, soon-to-be Alpha of the Smooth Stone Pack, reject you, Ava Summers as my mate and Luna." Tears threatened to fall from Ava's eyes but she held her ground. "I, Ava Summers accept your rejection." With that she quickly left the school and ran home then ran away. But through her sadness comes great happiness
Ava Summers is 17, the Betas daughter of the Smooth Stone Pack. She is bullied at her high school. Her parents think she has it easy at school with her"protective" brother Alexander, but really he is the one who started it all, including the soon-to-be alpha of the pack, Josiah Black.

Joshua is 18, the school playboy, he gets with girls, uses them, then breaks their heart. He has always bullied Ava ever since sophomore year. He and everyone else claims she is "weak" "worthless" etc. etc. When he finds out Ava is his mate he immediately rejects her and thinks she's going to sob since he rejected her, but no, she shot it right back at him.

Xavier King is the king of the werewolf world. Every girl girl in the castle has been trying to convince him that she is his mate, but he ignores them. He has been saving himself for his mate. He never knew his mate would be Ava, her second chance mate.

When Ava's old pack need help from the kingdom because of a bad rouge attack, they need their help. When she comes back, Josiah and the pa k don't know what hit 'em.

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OMG I love her hair! Wish my parents would let me dye it like that😥
bootycheeks122 bootycheeks122 Oct 25, 2017
you said alexia summers when you meant ava summers right ut pls where did you get Xavier King from woah! and all the boys damn!
NL4ver NL4ver May 05, 2017
I get excited frm reading the intro 
                              Plss dot continue this too
NL4ver NL4ver May 05, 2017
She is is wrong with him.for rejecting her
                              Ooops I sound angry there lol
hp4eva10 hp4eva10 Jun 22, 2017
I was shocked when I saw HERMIONE 😲😲😲😱😱😱😲😱
NL4ver NL4ver May 05, 2017
Thts a stupidest hobby...which he consider tht.hmph go to hell
                              Ok my.hormone somehow get inflame easily today lol