Fooled me twice

Fooled me twice

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:) By tumblrjauregui Updated Apr 08

Sequel to: fooled me once

Things can happen over night, but what if it was like this, things can happen over three years. You all know how they left off but do you know the full truth about it all. 

Lies and hidden relationships from the past can stir up a whole lot of drama.. You just gotta read and see

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R00neymara R00neymara Sep 01, 2016
I triggered..bc u always make someone pregnant. So I'm like 👀👀😦
R00neymara R00neymara Sep 01, 2016
I hope she's not dead 🙂🙃🙂🙂 that would be horrible 🙂🙃🙂🙂🙃 very sad 🙃🙃🙃 and unfortunate.
R00neymara R00neymara Sep 01, 2016
She ask more question than a white officer during a routine traffic stop.
R00neymara R00neymara Jul 06, 2016
How fuckin dare you!!
                              Give this bithc a Halsey record...a Demi video or suh'n! She ont deserves Ariana Grandeus flawless vocals
R00neymara R00neymara Sep 01, 2016
Okay wait..where is this story set? 🤔
                              Bc Camila just asked to go "down" to New York.
                              And now Lauren is saying she went "up" to PR
Saying those names made bust out laughing they sound alike😂