Metal Teeth (Naruto fanfic)

Metal Teeth (Naruto fanfic)

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Water Lilly By Lilly552 Updated Nov 23

"Mommy it hurts..."
"Keep eating sweetheart."
"But mommy my mouth, it's bleeding. It hurts-"
"KEEP eating, one day you will understand..."
"It's cutting my throat, please."
"Keep eating and you will make mommy proud."
"Yes, now finish eating the shrunken and then go to bed."
"Ok mommy, I'll try not to bleed through the mattress anymore.
"Now that's a good girl, goodnight my little Metal Teeth."
"Goodnight mommy."

Memories are what shape you. So don't worry sweetheart, let it happen, let it shape you. Don't give in, be strong, skin is disgusting so don't show it. Let it consume you, and shape it to your liking. My little Metal Teeth....

I don't own Naruto only Black Silver
Warning ⚠️: later chapters will have some gore, not for ill hearted

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- - Oct 29
                              I had oc with metal teeth that eats inanimate objects like knives, and phones
- - Jun 20
The one time I don't read a story description I get this. 😤 
                              But now I'm crazy curious. So I'm gonna keep reading.
Yang11211 Yang11211 Jul 30
I'm wondering what went through the author's mind while making this XD
lol reminds me of the Reaper Dispatch...other than Grell of course
Lilly552 Lilly552 Nov 10
I'm a little concerned that the fandom is more upset on how well a sports bra function then the actions of Silvers mother
I tell my mom that same sentence every other week or two and it still happens...:'(