Shut up and sleep with me- a shoey fanfic

Shut up and sleep with me- a shoey fanfic

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Ambie_Ruby By Ambie_Ruby Updated Jul 23, 2015



 It had been one month since Lisa broke up with me.

 She had been cheating on me with some guy then she broke it off.

 We were still friends but it still hurt...

 Why does everyone I open up to end up abandoning me?

 Every relationship I've had ended like this... Maybe it's me...

 I am once again living with my mom and making you tube videos for a living.

 Even though life is great why do I still feel so lonely..?


 I've always had a crush on Shane. 

 When Lisa broke up with him I was both excited and guilty for feeling like that.

 Now that a month has passed I plan on making my move to make Shane mine.

 I was going to get Shane to fall in love with me if its the last thing I do...


 This is a sexual Shoey fanfic. If you do not like that then this is not the story for you.

 Thank you for reading my fellow Dawson whores and psychopaths! ^.^

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JoeyGraceffaawesome JoeyGraceffaawesome May 22, 2017
(Looks around to make sure no one is watching) squeals in a high pitch
Starfox098 Starfox098 Mar 09, 2016
Is Shane Bi or gay in this fan fiction it kind of hard to tell
hippiegirl888 hippiegirl888 Mar 20, 2016
I love this because they are both bi i believe so they could end up together
notasocialteenager notasocialteenager Aug 22, 2016
Gurl the hell you are! You aren't a virgin. We ALL know you fooled around with Lisa.
Wren_is_Right Wren_is_Right Jul 25, 2015
Why do I feel that I already know what he's going to do even though I just started and it only said that he was going to do something horribnle
Ambie_Ruby Ambie_Ruby Aug 12, 2013
@MyMusic13 thank you for reading my stories! It means a lot :)