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Signature-STYDIA AU

Signature-STYDIA AU

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Rose :) By stydia524 Updated Dec 08, 2016

Rope Point is a new television show that was created by Cora, Derek, and Peter Hale.  Heartthrob, Stiles Stilinski received on the main characters in the show and will be playing alongside, the stunning, Lydia Martin.  Stiles and Lydia play each other's love interests in the show, which can be difficult especially since they despise one another.  A feud has brewed between them from years ago, which only ignites their fiery hatred and making it difficult to work with one another.

However, the journey through LA takes their relationship where they loathe each other to an understanding, an agreement.  Will their feud come to an end?  Will the tabloids get a note of the drama between the two?  Will a web of lies develop on and off the show?  

Experience what it likes for Stiles,  Lydia, and the rest of the creators and actors on Rope Point as they attend red carpet events, interviews, photo-shoots, and life on-and-off set.

Supporting actors include Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Malia Tate, Allison Argent, and Scott McCall.

Also, mentions celebrities in real life.

Stayed tuned till next time because we are going to a commercial break.

RoseGold_Fangirl RoseGold_Fangirl Aug 07, 2016
I just started reading this book because i've been really busy this couple of weeks,  but I must say,  this is an amazing idea and I love the whole concept of this story,  even though I just stared reading it!!!!!
stydiayeah stydiayeah Sep 03, 2016
I love the idea and it's already so good, keep up the good work!